Nailed at Work is an Australian business started by a working woman, for working women. Our mission is to support and empower working women by providing service solutions to workplaces.

How it works:

    1. Choose which manicure treatment you would like
    2. Book an appointment either online, via email or phone
    3. Once the appointment is confirmed, book out a meeting room/ space in your office for the mani to take place


Words from Amy, Founder of Nailed at Work:

“My story isn’t unique. I was exactly like every working woman the world over; Busy. I loved my job, I worked long hours, I had so many deadlines it seemed I was continually tripping over them and a never-ending to-do list at work and at home, continually striving for balance. Like so many women out there, I would run between my desk and meetings, with one eye on my phone watching that little red number of unread emails go up & up & up, knowing my after work plans were going down & down & down the drain. This daily cocktail of excitement, fun and stress gave me moments when I felt completely out of control and nothing enhanced this feeling more than chipped nail polish or un-manicured hands.

And I couldn’t help but think, there needs to be more service solutions for busy, working women.

Enter: Nailed at Work. A solution I so desperately wanted. A manicurist to come to me, at work, and give me a deluxe manicure so I had beautiful hands to talk, type, write and shake hands with and use to wave goodbye to wasting my precious weekends queuing in a salon!

I’m all about supporting women in the workplace in every capacity, and manicure solutions is just the beginning…”





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