Why Nailed at Work?

What makes employees happy according to all the research*?



So engage your staff by offering them the benefit of a manicure and show them you understand their needs! You’ll start seeing more smiles around the office, we promise!

Companies who have highly engaged staff take fewer days for illness (2.69 as opposed to 6.19), and would recommend their company more to others

(67% against 3% for disengaged employees).**

Valuing your staff can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

The cost of turning over a staff position can be anywhere between one third and three quarters of a persons annual salary cost. retain retain retain!

Make your employees happy now

For your peace of mind

We use premium, professional products. Hygiene is super important to us, all our equipment is properly sterilized before every treatment and customer.

Our mobile set up is low-key. All we require is a desk/ table space 50cm X 50cm, 2 chairs- one for the manicurist & one for our client, and access to a power point We ensure the area we set up in is left in the same condition we found it, the only evidence we were even there will be the gorgeous nails we leave behind.


*As found by a study at the University of Warwick
**As found by a study done by Madison

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